Bolt Action Rifles

Pilot Mountain Arms Long Range Hunter Rifle

Long range hunting requires a rifle capable of long range accuracy in a caliber with the terminal ballistics capable of providing clean, humane kills at the effective range of the marksman.  Our Long Range Hunter rifle is designed to be well balanced, light enough to carry all day, reasonable in recoil, and extremely accurate at long range. Hunters can now take advantage of modern technology in laser range finders, ballistic computers and precision scopes that help extend the range of ethical hunting shots.  

Starting at: $3,400.00

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Pilot Mountain Arms Tactical Rifle

Our Tactical Rifle has the accuracy necessary to compete in precision long range rifle competition combined with the reliability and durability required in a combat rifle.  The rifle has a good balance of weight and portability that allows the rifle to fill a variety of roles.  The medium-heavy barrel profile dissipates heat well and allows multi-shot strings with little to no POI shift. Whether your purpose is for work or for play, and whether your interest is operational, competition or hunting, the Pilot Mountain Arms Tactical Rifle is a practical solution. Our tactical rifles are amazingly accurate and consistently test under 1/2 MOA with match quality ammunition.

Starting at: $3,900.00

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Pilot Mountain Arms Stalker Rifle

Our Stalker Rifle is designed to give the hunter a fully-accurized and function tested hunting rifle in a high quality synthetic stock that is capable of handling extreme weather at an affordable price.  The Stalker rifle is designed around the Remington 700 stainless steel barreled action. After passing a rigorous inspection, the action and barrel are accurized and then glass bedded into an H&S Precision Pro-Series synthetic stock. We test fire the rifle at 100 yards for proper functioning and accuracy and we determine which factory ammo shoots best in the rifle. All the test work is done by us.

Starting at: $2,295.00

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      Pilot Mountain Arms offers custom laser marking and engraving so you can personalize your gear.

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        Pilot Mountain Arms offers Cerakote and Parkerizing services to protect your firearms and make them look like new.

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