Accurizing package for Remington 700 Rifle

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With your Remington 700 Sendero, Varmint or PSS rifle we will:

  • Replace old barrel with new Stainless Steel match grade barrel of the same contour. Chamber with any standard Short or Long action case to match tolerances (Ultra mags & STW’s extra). Crown the barrel with 11 degree target crown.
  • Square and true action, bolt face, bolt nose, bolt lugs. Lap bolt lugs into lug seats. Surface grind recoil lug flat and parallel.
  • Cerakote the barreled action and bottom metal
  • Epoxy bed barreled action, clear bolt handle and float barrel
  • Replace old factory trigger with new Timney trigger set to customer requested pull weight.
  • Test fire for accuracy and reliability; Sub 1 MOA guarantee with factory ammunition. Test target included with finished rifle.
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