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Pilot Mountain Arms Stalker Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor w/ Black Stock

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In Stock and Ready to Ship. One of our Stalker Rifles in 6.5 Creedmoor. Our Stalker Rifle is designed to give the hunter a fully-accurized and function tested hunting rifle in a high quality synthetic stock that is capable of handling extreme weather at an affordable price.

Action: Accurized Remington 700 stainless steel, accurized. The barreled action is glass bedded into the H&S Precision stock.

Barrel: 24" Bartlein #2" B" medium sporter profile barrel. The barrel is slightly heavier than the original Remington factory profile barrel. The rifle weighs 7.75lbs (7lbs 11oz).

Stock: Solid Black H&S Precision Pro Series® fiberglass stock with aluminum bedding block and Ultra-mag recoil pad.

Pilot Mountain Arms accurizing: inspect action and true the action (true action face, true bolt face and lugs, lap bolt,), precision thread and chamber the Bartlein barrel, glass bed stock, free float barrel, install Timney trigger and tune trigger to crisp 3lbs.

Test fire for function and accuracy. Three-shot sub-MOA accuracy guarantee at 100 yards with factory ammunition. Test target and ammunition data provided with the rifle.

Whether you plan to hunt whitetail from a tree stand or stalk big game in the weather extremes of Alaska, the stainless steel action, synthetic stock and sub-MOA guarantee with factory ammunition makes the Stalker rifle an incredible value.


Pilot Mountain Arms, LLC reserves the right to update product at any time.

All made to order/custom pistols and rifles require a $500 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit.

The order date becomes effective when the required deposit has been received.

Our delivery times are estimated at the time of the order. We will always try to hold to our estimated delivery times. Under no circumstances will we rush any order just to get it out of the shop. The quality of our custom pistols and rifles will not be compromised.

All of our custom pistols and rifles include the Federal Excise Tax if required.

On all custom pistols and rifles we want your 100% satisfaction. As long as customer abuse has not created a problem, we will probably repair your custom pistol or rifle free of charge. If you have a problem, it’s usually ammunition related and we can help you over the phone with any concerns you might have. If you have questions, please feel free to call during office hours.

100% satisfaction is always our goal. This does not cover any gunsmithing or modifications done by anyone outside our company - NO EXCEPTIONS!

Payments made by certified check or cashier’s check can be shipped on same day received.

We accept Mastercard and Visa.

Shipping costs are not included in our pricing.

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