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About Pilot Mountain Arms

Pilot Mountain Arms is the Raleigh, North Carolina area’s premier resource for precision rifles, long range - precision rifle training, custom 1911 pistols, and gunsmith services.  We offer firearms customization, custom builds, accurizing, cleaning, repair, and NFA engraving services.  We have a complete machine shop capability and offer Cerakoting and parkerizing services.


Pilot Mountain Arms is owned and operated by former U.S. Special Operations personnel with extensive tactical and firearms knowledge. Together we have over 25 years of custom gun building experience. We served together in the military for many years and decided to start a business and work together doing what we truly enjoy – building accurate and reliable firearms for hunting,
competitionand self-defense.

Every Pilot Mountain Arms firearm is hand built, inspected and test fired by our team. We shoot each firearm to test and verify safety, proper feeding, extraction, 
ejection and accuracy. Every aspect of your firearm’s performance will be proven.


We are passionate about accurate and reliable firearms. Every Pilot Mountain Arms firearm comes with an accuracy guarantee. Each firearm is shipped with a test target verifying its accuracy.

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