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Install Badger Ordnance/ M16 Style Extractor

Gunsmith Services


Additional Services:

Cerakote Bolt, Bolt Shroud and Knob (+$60.00)

This page is for information only.  No need to prepay for gunsmithing services.  Services and any shipping charges (if applicable) will be invoiced when the work is complete and ready for pickup or shipping.

How to ship firearms or parts to Pilot Mountain Arms for service

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Product Details

Install Badger Ordnance M16 Style Extractor in your remington 700 bolt

Includes Counterbore Relief Cut And Opening Standard Magnum Boltface To Rigby/Lapua Size (If Applicable)


M16 style extractor installation offers more reliable and more powerful extraction. We will permanently convert the factory Remington 700 bolt nose into a solid bolt nose to make the extraction/ejection process smoother and prevent any debris buildup on the bolt nose.

Gunsmithing Services will most often (directly with tooling or indirectly with work holding) damage existing surface finishes on parts such as receivers and bolts. Pilot Mountain Arms offers a full menu of finish options for your components, please ensure you have also added an appropriate finish option to your cart if applicable.

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