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Thread Muzzle/Install Brake (timing/blending required)

Gunsmith Services


This page is for information only.  No need to prepay for gunsmithing services.  Services and any shipping charges (if applicable) will be invoiced when the work is complete and ready for pickup or shipping.

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Product Details

This service is for gunsmith fit muzzle devices that need to be timed and blended during machining.

Muzzle threads for devices like suppressors and brakes are lathe cut after the barrel is indicated to within .0003" of bore line to ensure proper alignment with the bore. Finished thread tolerances are measured with certified hard chromed ring gauges or a precision thread pitch micrometer to ensure your accessories fit without issue.

Muzzle brake is timed for 25 lbs of torque. Brake and barrel are blended for a smooth - seamless look.

Brake is reamed for the proper caliber and laser marked with the caliber (if desired). Brake is then installed using Rocksett.

As standard practice, we fit these types of muzzles with an 11 degree target style crown to reduce carbon buildup on the muzzle face.

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