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READY TO SHIP! Pilot Mountain Arms Ultralight Hunter Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor

23B131 TI
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IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP. Rifle # 131 TI; Pilot Mountain Arms Ultralight Hunter Rifle, 6.5 Creedmoor in Manners LRH stock. Whether you're planning a sheep hunt or just want a super light rifle for deer hunting - This Ultralight Hunter Rifle will fit the bill. The titanium muzzle brake significantly reduces recoil and allows hunters to watch bullet impact and not lose the animal in the scope during recoil. Everyone that handles or shoots one of these rifles is amazed at how well they shoot and how light they are.

The combination of extreme performance and ultralight weight is possible because of advancements in the firearms industry in carbon fiber technology and the use of titanium to reduce weight. With the Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrels you get the performance of a match rifle with a barrel that is 64% lighter. Though relatively new, titanium actions have rapidly become a favorite for hunters. Titanium actions are lightweight, strong, very durable and titanium has only 42 percent the weight of steel.

Rifle # 131 TI specs:

Action: Pierce titanium custom action. Right hand, integral titanium recoil lug, 4140 chrome moly spiral fluted bolt with Pierce firing pin assembly, m-16 style extractor. The action is pillar bedded and then glass bedded into the stock and the match carbon fiber barrel is free floated. 0 MOA aluminum picatinny scope rail.

Barrel: 24" Proof Research carbon fiber barrel, Sendero Light profile. Precision chambered and threaded in 6.5 Creedmoor. Titanium muzzle brake installed.

Trigger: TriggerTech Special Trigger set at 2.5lbs

Bottom metal: American Precision Arms RTG DBM. Includes two 3-round magazines
Stock: Manners LRH carbon fiber stock with sling stud bottom front and 2 QD flush cup sling swivels. Full 100% carbon fiber shell. Stock weight is 30 oz with ½” premium, lightweight recoil pad and 3.5” ARCA rail. The LRH stock is fitted with light adjustable spacer cheek system giving the shooter the ability to fine tune the stock for that perfect cheek weld. All LRH stocks come standard with 3.5” ARCA rail mounted in front of mag well to achieve optimal balance.
Finish: Action: Black DLC, Exposed steel on the barrel is finished with graphite black Cerakote ceramic firearms coating.
Rifle weight approx. 6.3lbs

Rifle includes a Creedmoor Sports Deluxe Scoped Rifle Case (soft case).


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