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Sig 226/228 RMR Cutting

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Pilot Mountain Arms is now machining Sig slides to mount a Trijicon RMR to your pistol. The RMR cut will result in a co-witness with suppressor sights (not included). We can cut your slide for any slide mounted red dot sight (Trijicon, Leupold, Vortex, etc).

We machine indexing posts for the sight to index on. The posts fit precisely into the bottom of the sight to prevent it from moving due to recoil forces and help to maintain zero if you have to remove the sight for some reason. 4-40 threads are precision milled into the indexing posts to ensure precise centering and the highest quality threads. The posts also give the 4-40 screws more thread engagement. Sight cut depth: .145", includes two 4-40 x 3/8 Torx T-10 screws. Estimated turnaround on machining services is 3 weeks.

Sig RMR Slide Service is available for the following Models:

  • 229
  • 226
  • 220
  • 228


  • Some models have internal cavities along the firing pin that prevent red dot mounting. Please verify whether yours does or not before ordering. Slide internals should be left installed on all models since some parts may require modification.*Old stamped steel slides with removable firing block CANNOT be cut for optics.
  • A Trijicon Sealing Plate must be used under your RMR, and can be purchased separately on our web site.
  • Machined metal is stainless steel and will be unfinished.
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